Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I want to sit on this jury

Honestly, she scares me a little.
Yesterday, Heidi Creamer (no, it's not a stage name) was arrested or domestic battery for beating the shit out of her twin sister, Holly.

Why did she beat the shit out of her twin you ask?

Well, according to reports, the twins got into a brawl over a boyfriend and a vibrator.  Yes kids, you read that right.  A boyfriend and a vibrator.  Take a look at that picture kids.  She will mess you up.

I bet that vibrator runs off a 30cc 2-stroke chainsaw motor and comes with a crash helmet.

Here's how my warped little deficient brain pictures it:  Theres some sort of weird twin shit going on here and they share everything, including boyfriends and erotic massage equipment.  Suddenly it was Heidi's turn with the boyfriend and/or buzzing accompaniment and Holly didn't like it.  Twin cat fight ensues, the strongest and meanest of the twins wins and gets hauled off to the hoosegow.

That's the ticket!

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