Friday, November 7, 2014

Reader Roundup 11/7/2014

It's Friday and that means we've got our semi-partially-regular Reader Roundup post!

First, this one sent in by the lovely and talented Diane.  This dude buys a foreclosed home and bought  WAY more than he bargained for...

A bunch of ya'll sent this one in.   Basically, a quadruple amputee is on the lam, armed and dangerous.  Something about that makes me laugh.

Next, we have drugs and lady parts.  Specifically, Jennifer Renee Crosby and the big ass bag of crack she hid in her vagina.  Thanks Greg!

Finally, Tex sent in the story about a woman who set her boyfriend on fire.  While drinking.  With nail polish remover.  I bet that's the most excitement the trailer park has seen since Bubba's meth lab blowed up.

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