Friday, October 3, 2014

Some good news and some bad news

First, the good news.  Waldo PD is no more!  WOOHOO!  No more ticket quotas, no more speed traps!

Now for the bad news.  The mouth breathing inbreeders that comprise the Waldo population are now terrified that crime is going to go through the roof.  Motorists are going to careen willy-nilly through the town, mowing down children and pets with reckless abandon.

Seriously, read the article.

What the hell is he doing with his phone?
Cleetus here thinks that he has to carry a gun on his hip in Mayberry now that Barney is unemployed.

I guess that's just life on the mean streets of Waldo.

This is the absolute worst line in the article:

"I hate to lose the police department, just for general safety levels," Harold Coday, 80, said outside Waldo's post office. "And the officers were good guys, they were just doing their job writing tickets. They had good intentions."

No Harold, they didn't have good intentions.  I understand you're 80 and still think police are public servants, but how about I let you in on a little secret:  Police departments with good intentions don't write thousands of tickets a year PER OFFICER strictly for revenue.  In all honesty, I don't see anyone with ethics or a sense of morality taking a job in a department like Waldo PD.  

Anyway, good riddance.  

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