Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Are you gonna use those socks?

Well hello ladies...
A wise man once told me "Everybody's got their kink" and I suppose he was talking about this kind of twisted shit.

Robert Van Wagner has a fetish.  Old Bob there has a thing for feet, or more specifically, dirty socks.  No big deal, right.  Keep your weird shit to yourself and everybody stays happy.  The problem is that Bob seems to have a very specific type of dirty sock in mine.  Underage cheerleaders socks.  He is so into them, he's not too proud to beg.  Maybe the begging is part of the routine or something.  Anyway, they arrested this twisted son of a bitch for "robbery by sudden snatching".  He allegedly begged a girl leaving cheer practice to give him the dirty socks she was carrying.  When she refused, he resorted to the old snatch and run (walk?) trick.

Police already knew who this guy is because a couple of years ago, he gave some underage girls socks and asked them to run around in them.

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