Friday, June 20, 2014

Reader's Roundup 6/20/14

Check out some of these stories submitted by fans.  A big thanks to Harold and Lunchbox for their many contributions.

Let's start off with a happy story.   This guy used a pair of tin snips and turned the rear quarter panel of his truck into a sardine can to rescue a stuck kitten.

Next up, we've got Jabba the Hutt's obese cousin hiding just under an ounce of weed in between his fat rolls.  How wet and stinky do you think that plastic bag got?

Ma'am, are these your kids?  I don't know, check for my brand.  Here's your first entry for the mother of the year competition.

Finally, the Honorary Floridian Award this week goes to this family of five from Vermont that decided to start a brawl at an amusement park.

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