Monday, June 30, 2014

Reader's Roundup 6-30-2014

We've gotten some good ones through our Facebook page.  Big thanks to Jason, Dawn, Ryan and Harold for the links.

First off, we have this mother of the year candidate that thought it was ok to leave three kids in the car, in Florida.   "But the windows were rolled down a little."  I hope she gets hit by an old lady on a Rascal.

Next, we have a real life Goldilocks.  She not only broke in to a house in St Augustine, she made herself dinner, took a shower and then borrowed some pajamas.  Her big mistake, falling asleep on the couch.  Upon closer inspection of the mugshot, I'm not sure I'd have kicked her out.   Here at Dammit Florida, we like them cute and batshit crazy.

Rounding out the list, my hometown has the dubious honor of once again being the murder capitol of Florida.  WOOHOO!

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