Monday, June 23, 2014

Note to self: Drunks always ride in the back

There are reasons that police officers should be fired and never get their job back.  There is a whole laundry list of them here.  The sad thing is that most of these officers won't face any serious penalties.

That's not what this story is about.  This story is about Rodrigo Mello.  Deputy Mello is awesome.  Even more awesome than his name.  You see, Rodrigo's buddies needed a designated driver.  Rodrigo stepped up to the plate and gave his friends a ride home.  On the way, he let them play with the lights and siren.  He even let them use the PA system to dole out advice such as "Ladies, put your vaginas back in your pants!"  

Deputy Mello got fired.  I know what you're thinking.  He should have been fired.  He misused police resources for blah blah blah....  Sorry, I zoned out there for a second.  The fact is that all over the country police are getting caught brutalizing people, raiding the wrong home, killing pets, tazing old ladies, etc and they get a slap on the wrist.  Rodrigo lets his buddies play with the PA system and gets shitcanned.  

We need more cops like Rodrigo.  

There I said it.  

We need more police officers that have a sense of humor and less with the urge to drive an MRAP through an apartment building because somebody might be smoking a joint.  

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