Friday, June 27, 2014

Not just for breakfast anymore

It's a story old as time itself.  Man is cooking breakfast.  Neighbor annoys man.  Man tries to kill neighbor with a pot of grits.

Wait, what?

That's right.  Earlier this week, in what I can only assume is a trailer park in southwest Orlando, a man used a pot of hot grits as a weapon.

Apparently, these window lickers who live next to each other have a history of fighting.  I suppose that 59 year old Edward Holley finally got fed up with his 29 year old neighbor, Darryl Blacknell and threw a pot of boiling grits at Blacknell for being on his porch.

Blacknell got a ride to the hospital with second and third degree burns.  Holley got a ride to jail for second degree attempted murder.

Holley doesn't know when to shut up either.  He allegedly told the police to keep him locked up because "next time, I'm gonna kill him".

Dammit Florida!

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