Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I love this woman

Meet Tavish Smith.  She works for a judge in Brevard County.  In her spare time she likes to get her drink on and crash her truck.  That's not what makes her special.  In Florida, we just call that "Tuesday".  What makes her special is that after crashing the truck, twice, she is still ready to have a good time.  She flirts with officers while they are arresting her for DUI.  To top it all off, she manages to wiggle out of her handcuffs and eat a whole bag of weed that is going to be used as evidence against her.  It kind of backfired though since now instead of misdemeanor possession, she is going to get felony charges for tampering with evidence.  I imagine that when the cop got back to his car, she's sitting there with little green crumbs all over her mouth trying to look innocent, like my dog when he eats something he wasn't supposed to.  "I didn't eat anything.  What are you talking about?"


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