Monday, June 30, 2014

Dammit Learning Channel!

This is how I imagine the production meetings went.

Producer to TLC execs:  "We're not putting enough stupid shit on The Learning Channel."

Execs: "But what about the freaks with 20 kids?"

Producer: "Not weird enough."

Exec: "Dwarf families?  Mormon polygamists?  Honey Boo-Boo?"

Producer:  *snore* "you were saying something?"

Execs: "What have you got?"

Producer: "You're going to love this.  All the other faux education channels have house buying/flipping/remodeling shows that do well, right?"

Exec: "Yes, but how is that stupid enough for TLC?"

Producer:  "Simple.  We're going to have... pause for drama....   Naked Homebuyers!"

Everyone around the room just stares at each other, mouths agape until some semi retarded TLC exec starts a slow clap.  Champagne corks pop and the whole conference room erupts like they just won the World Series.  

For the ill-informed, there is a new TLC show called Buying Naked and it's about real estate in a nudist community in Central Florida.  We, as viewers are supposed to believe that nudists can't be bothered to put clothes on while home shopping.  After a quick look at the website, it seems that we, the viewers, are also supposed to believe that nudists aren't fat old people either.  

I don't buy it but I'll probably get sucked into it one boring Sunday afternoon. 

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